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Classical japanese martial art of the Ninja and Samurai

1000 years of history. Living tradition.

We study the japanese martial art of Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu, which is based on Ninja and Samurai traditions that date back a thousand years. The art combines unarmed and weapons training to develop universal principles of survival. We aim to achieve smooth natural movement, an immovable mind, and a sincere heart. The teachers at the dōjō are Shidōshi Tuomas Kaski, Maija Kaski, Aapo Suhonen, Samuli Witick and Hermanni Ijäs.


Beginners course 2023

Next course starts on Friday 10th of March at 19:30 in Urhea hall (Mäkelänkatu 47, Tatami 2)
Trainings are held on Tuesdays at 18:00 – 19:30, Fridays at 19:30 – 21:00, and Sundays at 11:30 – 13:30.
The first training will include a demonstration of the basic characteristics of the art.
The course fee for unemployed, students and university faculty members is 60 € and for employed people fee is 100€.
More information
+358 (0)50 5374130



  Tuesday      18:00 to 19:30 (Urhea hall, Taitosali)
  Friday          19:30 to 21:00 (Urhea hall, Tatami 2)
  Sunday       11:30 to 13:30 (Urhea hall, Tatami 2)
We also train outdoors during the summer. Exact location will be informed to members and interested parties before training.


Our training philosophy

We build a solid foundation for further learning. We coach the new student in the basic principles of posture, movement, ukemi and acting as the uke and tori. We guide the students through the various aspects of the art, including unarmed techniques, weapon techniques, katas (training forms) and the schools.

As the students gain experience, the basic techniques are applied in new ways and later the forms are examined through free application and adaptation. In our training, we constantly return to the basic forms and approach them from different perspectives. Our ultimate goal is, through our training, to become better in budo.

New students

You can start training whenever you like. We periodically organize demonstrations of the art, which are good opportunities to get acquainted with our training. New students that are university students or faculty members can train for free for the first two months.

Students with different experience and skill levels usually train together and the difficulty is adjusted to suit the level of the students. No prior experience in the martial arts is required. The techniques and skills required to pass the first graduation are covered in approximately two months. We require that students be at least 15 years old. To start with, you can attend the training in gym attire such as sweat pants and a T-shirt. Later on, we recommend that students acquire a black training uniform (keikogi) and an appropriate belt (obi).

Information requests and training registrations: hotarudojo(at), +358 (0)50 5374130


New students can train for free for the first two months. After this, a membership fee is collected and a membership card is ordered from Japan. The membership fee is collected once per year and it allows the member to participate in all normal training sessions.
There may be separate fees to take part in special seminars or other events.
A separate fee is charged for graduations.
Students or faculty members of Helsinki University are not required to pay the UniSport fee.


Membership fees:

   Reference   Amount 
 Students and faculty members of HY     
     membership for full year  3007    150 €
     membership for half year  3010    90 €
 Other students and unemployed    
     membership for full year  4006    150 €
     membership for half year  4019    90 €
 Others (normal membership fee)    
     membership for full year  5005    320 €
     membership for half year  5018    175 €
 Basics course  7003    60/100 €
Bank account number: FI72 1469 3000 2667 14

Remember to use bank reference number.

We also accept Smartum (vouchers, SmartumPay) and Edenred as payment.


More info

hotarudojo(at), +358 (0)50 5374130

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